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The CGA Constitution

1. Name and Location

The Cucumber Growers’ Association, hereinafter referred to as the “CGA”
C/O The British Growers Association, BGA House, Nottingham Road, Louth LN11 0WB  Tel 01507 602427

2. Objectives of CGA

To maintain the viability of the British cucumber industry by:

  • Providing a voice for the membership of the CGA
  • Promoting the British cucumber industry
  • Directing technical developments

3. CGA Year

The CGA year shall run from 1 June to 31 May 2001. There will be an Annual General Meeting of the CGA in November/December each year, of which CGA members will receive 21 days written notice. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called under the same conditions.

4. Membership of the CGA

  • Membership of the CGA will be open to any person involved with cucumber production in the UK.
  • Associate membership will be open to other persons with an interest in the UK cucumber industry (eg retailers). However, such members will not vote or become members of the committees.
  • Honorary members may be elected by the Main Committee for fixed periods of time. This will reflect their contribution to the CGA.

5. Structure of the CGA

The affairs of the CGA will be conducted through a single Committee.

6. Structure of the CGA Committee

The CGA Committee will have 15-18 members, of whom at least 51% must be cucumber growers. There should be no more than one representative on the Committee from each member company. The members of the CGA Committee will be elected by the general membership at the AGM. Nominations should be proposed and seconded by CGA members from different companies. The nominees should be present at the AGM in case they are required to support their application. The officers of the CGA Committee shall be Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Technical Officer and Communications Officer, and they shall be elected by the Committee members. In addition, the CGA may invite other people with special expertise to attend meetings when relevant subjects are on the agenda.

7. Meetings of the CGA Committee

The CGA Committee will meet at least three times per year. A quorum shall be not less than nine committee members. Voting will be by simple majority, with the Chairman having the casting vote in the event of a tie. Minutes of each meeting will be prepared by the Secretary and circulated to all committee members. Key issues will be reported to the general membership via the CGA Newsletter and/or web site. Sub-groups may be formed from the committee membership to address specific tasks. Each sub-group will operate with specific delegated responsibilities under clearly defined guidelines. Such groups will be disbanded when the allotted task is completed.

8. Finances

A bank account exists in the name of the Cucumber Growers’ Association at the HSBC, Sherburn in Elmet, North Yorkshire. The signatories are Treasurer, Secretary and Technical Officer. Cheque books and paying in books will be held by the Treasurer and the Secretary. The Treasurer will provide a record of transactions to each meeting of the CGA Main Committee.

9. Subscriptions

The subscription fee (as of November 2012) for cucumber growers will be calculated at £70 per unit of 4000 m2 of production area (rounded up to whole units). The fee for non-grower members (as of November 2012) will be a fixed sum of £345. Subscription fees will be waived for Honorary members. The rates will be reviewed at each AGM. Invoices will be sent to members on or around 1 June each year.

10. Winding up

The CGA may be “wound up” by a majority vote of the general members at an AGM. In the event of winding up, any funds within the bank account will be returned to the members. If this is not possible, or the sum is less than £5 per member, any residual funds will donated to an organisation sharing similar objectives, following formal approval by the members of the CGA Committee.

11. Publicity

The Communications Officer will produce a newsletter on an ad hoc basis to report important issues and developments to the general membership. Correspondence on behalf of the CGA should be on CGA headed notepaper.

Updated by the CGA Committee in 2012.