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Why do my cucumbers go rotten in the fridge?

According to a survey in Which magazine the second most likely item to go bad in the fridge is cucumber (second only to
lettuce).  Why?

Almost certainly because of dehydration and the fact that your fridge is far too cold for the cucumber.  The saying may go - “as cool as a cucumber” - but cucumbers definitely do not like to be cool!  Your salad drawer is too cold and will almost
certainly injure your cucumber rather than helping to keep it fresh.  The photograph shows a typical fridge salad tray (actually mine) at 5.8C - which is great for lettuce and carrots etc but far too cold for cucumbers.  They prefer to be at least 10 to 12C.

Leaving the shrink wrap on helps because the material helps prevent dehydration and will also reduce cold injury.

If you must keep your cucumber in the fridge - wrap it in a clean tea towel or better still buy a cucumber bag (Lakeland sell them) to keep it from being damaged by dehydration and the cold air.

If you look after your cucumbers they will last for up to 7 days (the fruits I tested were still ok after 14 days) and we want you to enjoy your fresh tasty English cucumbers without them going off in the fridge.

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