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Latest News

Why are my cucumbers shrink wrapped?

A number of enquiries are received about the use of shrink wrap on cucumbers - so why do we do it? Shrink wrap:- 1. Prevents dehydration and physical damage to the cucumber in transit from the grower ...

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Why do my cucumbers go rotten in the fridge?

According to a survey in Which magazine the second most likely item to go bad in the fridge is cucumber (second only tolettuce).  Why? Almost certainly because of dehydration and the fact that yo...

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New Pheromone traps for Capsids

Following research carried out in a co-funded project with the HDC, Agralan have released a new pheromone trap for Capsid bugs. The traps are designed to be used outside the glasshouse to provide an ...

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How safe are British salads?

There have been no cases of food pathogens resulting from British tomato, pepper or cucumber production in living memory and consumers can continue to buy and enjoy. British produce with confidence. T...

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