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Research and Development

The CGA Committee have produced an R&D strategy and work very closely with the Horticultural Development Council to initiate relevant projects.

The AYR project (HDC project code PC201) was the first of its kind to be organised and managed by a commodity-based grower association and was therefore a very exciting venture for the CGA. It paved the way not only in technological development for the cucumber industry but also in the whole approach to the implementation of new technology in UK horticulture.

AYR Project at night

PC201 identified considerable benefits from growing cucumbers by the high wire system under the AYR growing regime and the CGA decided that these benefits should be evaluated independently of supplementary lights. The high wire production project (HDC project code PC273) was therefore a natural progression from the AYR project.

Smaller projects may be funded directly by the CGA and these are often initiated as a rapid response to potential problems that are seen to be developing in our industry. For example, the CGA Technical Officer recently instigated a study to demonstrate to specific supermarkets the importance of applying shrink wrap to cucumbers. This extremely cost-effective study was completed in only five weeks and its findings were accepted in their entirety by our retail customers.