Nursery Open Days

Supporting the UK Cucumber Industry

Many CGA Grower Members hold open days on their nurseries for the public. The event at Halsham Salads in Cottingham in July 2009 is an excellent example. There were 140 visitors of all age groups – including some from as far away as California and Australia!

In addition to the CGA’s information about British cucumber production, Martin Ellis provided of a tour of the grading and packing facilities, Mark Wilde (BCP) demonstrated the biological control agents used on site, and Ian Kirk (Leo Ammerlaan) showed a video of their automated plant raising systems.

Les Deely worked tirelessly to provide a series of ten guided tours for groups of 10-20 visitors during the afternoon. Each tour started in a recently planted crop and then rapidly moved on 20 days to another crop which was producing fruit.

Margaret Deeley kindly provided free refreshments for visitors after each tour.